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About LoveDarkPassion(Im just a girl in my world)

LOVEDARKPASSION yes its my name on this site. I know unique huh. Well the reason why this is my name is because I love 'Love'. I want to spread love to the world like peanut butter on bread, all nice and thick. Dark, well at times I can be dark, and I am dark. I like to think of my self as a shade of mocha. Thats what it says on my make up bottle.   Passion well passion is what we need to make it in this world.My passion is writing and just trying to make it threw the day without losing my head. Well thats how I came up with the name LOVEDARKPASSION. Some people have confused it with a porn name,but its not.  Im a young chick in my 20s. Im a capricorn girl you know what i mean. Im into a lot of stuff.And I will share it with the world. Im so into this site because I am an asonmiac. I think I misspelled that. Im saying is I never sleep that much. So I write and chat. I love the night life.So I hope people will party with me and get wild and crazy with me here.

Why This website is named Love&Passion


This website is named after me LOVEDARKPASSION and no im not a porn star or affiliated with porn so dont let the title fool you. But we can get a little crazy here. I named this website love and passion because I wrote my first short story named love and passion. Its now a websoap and I post plots that go on monthly.

Love&Passion is about a town with tons of millionaires.They all have problems and they all have fun.Its a soap what do you expect. Its got lots of romance,drama,sex,and violence. The stuff I love to write about.