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Dick Slayer

Dick slayer
April 1,2009 LoveDarkPassion
She was born a beautiful pearl with all of her innocence attached to her clam. She seemed to be like the other girls but she held a silent warrior with in her mouth. he approached her as a charming white knight but with in him was a demon that hardens with selfish desire and lust .he was a fornicating monster that ravished the dark village of the pure. He has no idea that his pink sword will meet the Dick slayer. This huntress is no temptress and she is a beautiful pearl with all of her innocents ripped from her clam. 
The village is hard working and all of the pearls flower there land with goodness and love not realizing an invasion of lust will be intruding upon  them at dawn. Young pearls run and hide there is a fornicating demon hiding with in the fields. Its terrifying that you cant recognize this face, this so called white knight. He posses with a mouth of riches and a false reality of beautiful dreams. but all lady pearls beware this knight is a cold hearted snake with a pink sword marked with a potent venom that has no cure. the only way to survive this poke is to die with a broken heart and torn clam.
So there is anew day a new way a new plan he murks for the clam. he sees one a beautiful one a unique one. This pearl seems to be quiet, nice innocent to the touch. the slayer all ways is. She is a creature that is edgy and kind she is so irresistible. But the slayer isn't fooled by a serpent with gold riches of the mouth , she sets the trap. Like all greedy fly they are attracted to honey and not vinegar,but can a dumb one know that they are trapped in sap. The stickiest juice so sweet in a clam filled of  armor. welcome my dirty white knight to the trap. so your pink sword breaks in the Venus fly trap. It will not go to waste remember the Venus enjoys meat. pain you feel, embarrassment , a shallow life as a weak demon fool. Maybe its the hand you were dealt when fate brought you to the Dick Slayer.
now there is a moment of peace in the dark village, light has returned and all order is restored a white knight has fallen.the pink sword damaged by the pearl that had her innocence ripped away.

Rape game

The Rape Game-Fate plays a part

I have been a bad girl this few days.  I admit I am a hypercritical bitch. This day I know call bloody Friday was a happy horrible day in my life. I met this guy I really liked a month ago, he approached me first .I thought he was so cute and I  didn't say any thing because I have a fragile heart. I let weeks go by and the next thing I know its a rainy March day. I had to walk a round the block in the freaking rain. This false night in shinning armor came to my rescue in a bronze 4 wheeled chariot. I was so smitten with his gracious gentleman charm. He dropped me off at my final destination and I didn't hear from him again.Fate is wicked and fate is your soon to be destiny. I  finally realized that my so called night lived a few doors down from me. he stopped by suddenly with out a call or warning. i was scared and hesitant , i sent him away. i felt bad about my cold encounter so I invited my night over for a drink. Wow was I the silly dumb fool.Wow did the evil gods of love trick me. Wow demons come inhuman form. My night started out nice and calm but ended in blood and pain. I found my self in a lovers lock with just one participant. Love is a game it has its own rules and players. eventually We all play a part.If love is pain ,soreness, blood and heart ache I don't want to play that game. I found my self being undressed with a force of nature. I was  forced and nailed down by a white god with a dark soul. I realized I am going to play a love game, but it felt like a rape game. If the love game was hard the rape game is oh so cruel. This game has no ref but it serves harsh penalties.

 Penalty 1 you get your hands held down and your clothes ripped off. Penalty#2 you can scream but nobody listens. you can cry but tears get few points.penalty#3 you get penetrated until you hurt, bleed and loose your respect for love. The rules are at the mercy of the rapist.

I am a live and sore to the touch, fate totally busted a nut.. My vagina sore , my ego down like my panties at the floor.All I can do is wait three days to see if the big white god hosting the dark demon phases to my eggs. If its positive I will hatch the rape game score and be in labor 9months and sore.If the Negative rules the pee spot, then i can carry a trophy as my rapist whore.


Don’t Interrupt My Suicide      July 1, 2007

        (Thoughts rushing out of my heart and flowing on to an edge of a blade, I feel like the edge of a razor blade.)-LOVEDARKPASSION


I have always had feelings on how I want my ending to be. When I say my ending I mean my death. I have thought about death since I was about 4. My dog Bullet died. I didn’t understand why he died or what caused it. Then I realized he wasn’t coming back. He didn’t come back because my family put him to sleep. I woke up from a dream remembering this about my dog when I was 7. I guess when you have tons of people around you dieing you get flash backs to those little things. My father died when I was almost 7, his death triggered the memory of Bullet.

The sad thing about this is Bullet was my dog; he became ill with a worm, that’s why my mom put him to sleep. She didn’t want him to suffer, neither does or did I. I miss Bullet now and I really missed him then. My father on the other hand I never missed. I felt more sad for my dog then my own father. My father I never knew. I remember my mother making me go to the funeral. I didn’t want to attend because I didn’t know him and half of the other people there. But I didn’t get a say so .I was only 7. My dad’s funeral was packed; they didn’t have a seat for me or my mother. I remember the funeral director pulling up a cold metal chair so I could sit up front, up front where the dead body was. It rained like cats and dogs that whole week, my father couldn’t be buried that day. They waited for the next day to do it, I didn’t go at all. To this day I don’t know where my father is buried and you want to know something I don’t give a damn to know. He was never around when I was younger, just my dog Bullet. You know they always say a dog is a mans best friend, but they are wrong the dog was my best friend. And I am definitely not a man.

I often wondered if my dad would have been around more if I was boy or a horse. You know the old cliché about men and there sons. So I cant help to think. He loved horses so if I was a horse would he have stuck around? Or would he still have abandoned me. My mom put Bullet to peace because he was ill, my heart is ill I want to rest. My heart is filled with raging steam against my dad. It hurts its just like having worms. Again Bullet was hurting, he is dead. I often want to be euthanized like him. Maybe when the time is right I will execute my ending on my own terms.

 I want my ending to be really peaceful. This is why I am getting the steam out of my heart. I don’t love my dad like a daughter should, why? I don’t know him how can you love something you don’t know. I love God; I haven’t seen God in a physical since, but in a spiritual since. I love my mom because the bible says so. I like my dad because God would want me to. Love him I cant, I just like.


(Don’t interrupt my suicide)-Pre thoughts

Come back to hear the rest of my dark hidden thoughts. Exclusive Writings






Dark Novels From The Dark Compounds Of LoveDarkPassion

This section will contain novels and short stories that will contain dark situations. Some poetry and other dark selections will appear as well. Dont be scared, stick around if you dare. I dont bite, ok sometimes I do. But enjoy your dark entertainment.  Are You Afraid Of  My Dark? Enjoy,LOVEDARKPASSION

Check out some of the groups who enjoy the nightlife and aim them on there buddyzone. (DarkLove's page) also check her out at her 360zone here is the link to her


Hey welcome to my darkcompounds if you want to email me a dark story or novel than go for it. We love all types of writings, discussions,poems,and etc... so feel free to leash your darkness here at Love&Passion Dark novels.


NightDogs  written by LOVEDARKPASSION  4/20/06

I never thought to write about this subject until a couple of close friends of mine asked me to. Let me explain what a nightdog is and what is it that we do as a pack.Some might agree with me some may not.If your not really apart of the group you will truly never understand.

The Celtic Palace

Back By Popular Demand I received over 100 emails for this story. I am so glad you all enjoyed it I will be back here in a few weeks to put it up again.I placed a whole section for my gothic fans and its in the Night Life section.



Thanks for emailing me about this novel. It took me about 20hrs to write it.Thanks for the support and I hope every one enjoys it.

This novel is dedicated to all of my fans who love gothic novels and short stories.I wrote this to explore my darkside.I hope you guys enjoy it again.

Selective Writings from Members of the Nightlife Group

Will be ready in 3months under construction

Journey Of a Dark Soul

Journey of a Dark Soul


The Darker Side Of Me

The Darker Side Of Me

Welcome to the dark side of Lovedarkpassion. You never really know a person until you see there darkside. Becareful of who you piss off.


Once again I am at it .A new novel I have been working on is about to appear. But only for a short time and then it will float on.Check back to see what I post.