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Welcome to LoveDarkPassion's Official website. To Stop or start music just click on the buttons. Sign up to all my forums and groups.


Take a look at this


Thanks for stopping by to view my Love, Darkness& Passion      



Hello my  name is  LOVEDARKPASSION     I am the most unique person with the most unique name. This site is not like any other. It contains many diverse categories. I have Chat Rooms, Groups, Music ,Pictures, Movies, and my Exclusive writings. I have been doing this since 1997. I have had this website for almost 10 years now.  This website is for all who dare to enter. It is intended for viewers of a mature age so take note that mature subject matter will be posted and discussed. There are other links to other sites, they have there own rules. So come get wild and crazy with me.   And no this is NOT A PORN SITE!       

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Respect the Rules Please!R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Please read this and remember the rules on this site. I want to promote a cool ,have fun, be yourself vibe. Also keep in mind no one is perfect,especially me you will find spelling errors and all types of mess. If I mess up IM SORRY 


1. NO death threats of any kind. please dont talk about killing someone 

2. NO raciest remarks about any one

3. Please post a warning on abbrasive writings with strong sexual content,strong language,and sievere violence (check the warning tags below)

4.You must have fun.

5. You must respect yourself and others.

6.NO plagerism or unauthorized copies without a persons legal consent.

7.You are aloud to link my site to other websites. Moderators can grant permission.

8.NO harrassing or personal mimmicking of a certain group of people or Person.(race,religion,sex,national origin,age,geographic)

9.RESPECT (dont need to explain it,do it)

10. Last and Final Rule obey the other rules! and have fun.  

Now Have Fun!  WHY? Because I said so thats why!  Its the rule



This website was put together by LOVEDARKPASSION in September 2005.It began as a simple hobbie to her writing.LoveDarkPassion was always writing little stories here and a little something there.And it became a success over night.She was first recognized  as a ghost writer for some popular magazines, she transfered her hobbie to some small personal blogs, until she bought her own website. The LDP company was formed in 2004.It is now under the RSDNETWORKS management.



These are the warning tags that will appear on the writings and other material. They are judged on how I see fit so please be aware of what you read. They will appear on the post.Most posts that are put up will have a general descripition of the writing and will come with a general warning. There is certain warnings for certain post sections. These sections will contain a guideline.Please follow them. Im warning you now and only now so when you come to this site dont complain or run your mouth about what you read Im telling you now. Dont make me put you in check on the internet ,because I will If you have questions or comments post them on the contact LOVEDARKPASSION sectionsor email me .The chat room does not come with warnings. Dont Complain I Warned You. 


Material for everyone will appear as   (ALL) and it will mean for the general public.

Material with teenage subject matter will appear as (ALL TEEN) and it means for age 13 and above.(TEEN 14) means for teens age fourteen and above.

Material for certain contents will appear as the following    

~NC17  Means it may contain strong sexual content, harsh language, rape,violence,talk in a manner that is for a mature audiance and not suitable for young and tender eyed reading viewers.

~Adult May contain sexual subject matter,strong language. May be suitable for mature readers and people 18 yrs and older.

Hey IM back now. There are rules about the chat and we will know cause we got nightowls and day owls onsite24/7.





When leaving messages on the blogs and guest book keep in mind that there are viewers under the age of 18.So watch your language and demeaner.If you post a comment that is to cautious, please know that we will delete it. If you know what your going to write is to abrrasive join our groups and post it there.writings are welcome there and photos.We have one group that is for all and another that is 18 and over(LOVEDARKPASSION Group at yahoogroups.Some reuire an invite so contact us .

How to submit/contact LDP

Submitting Writings or Other material to this site

When submitting writings to this site please just go to the contact page and there will be a certain place to submit items. Also you can just type your writings on to an email and send them in to and there is another email at LOVEDARKPASSION@hotmail. Please make sure everything is sent with a small summary of the writing,because that is how most subjects are taged. If you want certain information left out please say so. When emailing us in the subject area please put  For example: in the  subject atten writing and the type,(love novel,passion novel,dark novel)or atten whatsup or atten whats happening.   Please put if it is a shortstory,novel,poem, or etc.

Please also put a heading on writing s   For example

Author:  DARKLOVE   date and time (skip a line)

Title :     Dreams( and skip aline )after skipped line  make a summary.(skip line)

 after summary if you like to deicate your writing to anyone please do so after. Also before you write or after please put what expired you to write this.Indent and start writing  Poems and speeches dont haft to have this. On poetry please put you name and email on them as well as the date and title. But please mark the correct subject like if its passion or dark or just in for writing.




Thanks for viewing the lovedarkpassion web site. This site is so diverse you will never know whats going to happen here.