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 trick or treat


Happy Easter 2009

Modern-day Easter is derived from two ancient traditions: one Judeo-Christian and the other Pagan. Both Christians and Pagans have celebrated death and resurrection themes following the Spring Equinox for millennia. Most religious historians believe that many elements of the Christian observance of Easter were derived from earlier Pagan celebrations.


A very common theme present in many ancient Pagan religions described the life of a man-god -- a savior of humanity -- his execution, his visit to the underworld, his resurrection after two or three days, and his ascension to heaven. The life of Yeshua of Nazareth (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) as recorded in the Gospels includes the Christian version of this theme. Good Friday is observed in remembrance of Jesus' execution by the occupying Roman army, and his burial in a cave-tomb. Easter Sunday is the date when a group of his female followers first noticed the empty tomb, and concluded that he had either been resurrected, or his body had been stolen.

The timing of the Christian celebration of Easter is linked to the Jewish celebration of the Passover. Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread were observed by the ancient Israelites early in each new year. (The Jewish people followed the Persian/Babylonian calendar and started each year with the Spring Equinox circa MAR-21). "Equinox" means "equal night;" on that date of the year, the night and day are approximately equal. The name "Passover" was derived from the actions of the angel of death as described in the book of Exodus. The angel "passed over" the homes of the Jews which were marked with the blood obtained from a ritual animal sacrifice. The same angel exterminated the first born(s) of every family whose doorway was not so marked - one of the greatest acts of mass-murder mentioned in the Bible. Victimized were first-born sons as well as the first-born of domesticated animals.

bullet Liberal theologians trace Passover to an ancient pre-Israelite Pagan ritual practiced by wandering Semitic shepherds. The Feast of Unleavened Bread was originally a traditional Canaanite agricultural harvest which was adopted by the Israelites. It marked the start of the barley harvest; barley was the first crop to ripen. Because they occurred at about the same time each year, the two celebrations became merged into a two day observance. The Passover became associated with the exodus of the Jews from Egypt.
bullet Conservative theologians generally believe that the original Passover was established up by God as described in Exodus 5, and that the annual Passover observances were created as "appointed feasts" established by God as described in Leviticus 23:5-14. Both were recorded by Moses.

   God Bless You All

St Patricks Day

 Green? How about Green Day. Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy Valentines Day To Every One

Happy Valentines Day

LoveDarkPassion Birthday

January 9th is LOVEDARKPASSION's Birthday .

The Big 25.    

Happy Birthday

Happy New Year 2008

Thank you

This is personal  I want to say thank you. This year is almost to an end.I just wanted to say Thanks for being with me.Thanks to you all for growing with me.I know I change like the seasons but that’s the art of growing up.I feel grown up.I want to say welcome to all of the new members and visitors who have viewed my work.And thanks for joining my forums ,websites and groups.Ihank you to all of my members,fans,and friends who have stuck around for this year,thanks for sticking around with the good and the bad.Thanks for allowing me to be my self.I hope you all stay for another year of my work.This thank you note is personal from my heart to yours.Much love to you all.

Merry Christmas 2007

 Merry Christmas

November 24th is Thanks Giving


Happy Thanks Giving

Happy ThanksGiving

I am so thankful to have a group of friends and supporters like you all. Every one here makes the Love,Darkness,and Passion come out of me. And for this I want to say Thank you and I love and admire you for this. Happy thanks giving .God bless you.



Trick and Treat

When Halloween Falls

Happy Halloween my friends ,I hope your day is filled with those things that go bump in the night. Don’t feel  fright  hunt for the sweets all threw out the night. Let the gools and goblins  make friends and release the darkness we all hold in.  Trick and treat on that  frightful  street.  And when the midnight falls eat the sweets. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. When the moon is full and glowing , snuggle down under the covers and let the monsters have a party under your bed while you rest your head. Rest your soul for sure, because in hours November the 1st will appear and it will be the Day of the Dead.
Love, and especially DARKNESS and Passion this Halloween. Love DarkPassion

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays To all of my Fans, thank you for supporting me.