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Would you like to share secrets with me. Lets become intament threw the web.  love,darkness,and passion. 

Secrets of the Month


10/14/2007 Posted by ________?

Where do I begin first. Last night was out of this world. I went to a bar with my friends, nothing unusual just the same thing as all ways.Well as I was drinking my Grey Goose and Cranberry in walked the most hottest guy I have ever seen in my whole intire life. Like all the other girls we just put up our best show. Well at the pool table he was hanging out with this other guy. How adorable was he. You know what they say the cute ones travel in packs. Well I took my friend over to where the guys were, you know to start a double game .Well it worked we ended up in a double match. As the game got intensed the guys and us decided to make a bet between us. So we took the bet. The bet was we would haft to do what the other guys wanted us to do for the rest of the night if we lost and visversus. Well because of my bone headed friend "S" I wont reveal her real name, We ended up loosing. I hate loosing. We were now at the mercy of the hot guys. They asked us to buy them beer, no problem. As the night went on we all got a little tipsy. To make a long story short we ended up at "S"  house. We drank some more and I ended up in a room with Hot Randy. "S" ended up in a room with Hot Chad.I dont know how it all started but we ended up messing around. As we were being intimate with each other we herd aloud sound comming from the living room and then a bang. I herd 'S' moan in a funny way. So me and Hot Randy put our clothes on and rush to the living room, we find 'S' and Chad on caught in the sofa. The funny part has not came yet. The sofa is a couch bed that folds open. 'S' leg was literlly caught in it. We coverd them in a bath towl and tried to move her leg out of it, we couldnt. So chad was trying to move his body in another position to get out , it worked. He was able to move off of her. But 's' was in the springs of the couch.Her leg was in the crack her ankle in a bar.She was in alot of pain. when we moved the couch hopeing her ankle would free, we could here her bone pop and blood started to drip. The only thing left to do was to call 911. The operator asked what was our emergency Chad explained the situation. And before we could blink two cops were at the door, an EMT and a fire truck at 3:55 am. The neighbors came to the apartment asking is everything all right. I lied and said she got burned really bad making popcorn. A stupid lie. The fire deparment cut the couch corners apart and the emt guys and cops lifted her up while the three fire fighter guys broke the couch in. I ran and got a dress for her to put on. She was so embarrased. But we all were at the time. S was taken to St.Lukes Hospital. Her ankle had poped ,some skin had been scratched and punched by the metal wires and she broke 3 toes. I will never forget that night and neither will S. We promosied to keep it a secret but Im telling today.

The Panty Tree Bloom

10/14/2007 Posted By   SKY

Hey my name is Sky, I am a member and a Fan of Lovedarkpassion. Here is my secret.This summer was wild and crazy I had a great time. I had a huge crush on this guy since the 11th grade. Well now my step sister likes him.She joined his my space page, she has sent him naughty pictures on facebook and myspace.She even sent him sexy pantys. She has asked him out and she has known I liked him for two years now.  what a Bitch! So I decided to make war and love. I took all of my step sisters underwear and hung it in a tree across the neighbors yard one night. It was awsome it looked liked it had rained victora's secret. The neighbors came home and wanted to know who had done this I played dumb. When my sister was looking for her underwear she couldnt find it. It had been thrown away by the neighbors and the cops. She still dosnt know what happened to her stuff til this day. Its my secret now.

What Secrets Have You Found?

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