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Perfect Night( will return November 3,2007)

The Perfect Night

Dell is such a girl who never gets noticed by any one,especially the opposite sex.As any girl who is about to turn 18 she had only a few important subjects on her mind.One of them a date to the prom and second the perfect dress.As any typical day for Dell she would watch all of the other girls at school meet up with there friends and then go make out with there boyfriends.Dell didnt have any friends she always sat alone.As the day flew by the school bell rang and like all teenagers its time to hang out and have some fun. Dell didnt have a car so she would ride the bus and then walk home. Lone and behold her fate was about to change all in a few 10 minutes."Help,Help please some one come help me" !Dell heres this cry in a short distantce.She runs down a trail to find a chubby dark haired lady laying flat on her back.Dell quickley runs to her and picks her up.Are you ok? Dell asks. Oh Im going to be ok my back went out while I was jogging down this trail.Im going to be fine.Dell notices a beautiful bracelett on the ladys arm.Well its nice to know that thre are still good hearted people in this world.By the way my name is Ruth ,whats yours?Oh my name is Dell. Are you going to be ok on this trail alone or do you need some help to get back home? Ruth oh child Im just fine,just fine you go back to your walk.Dell being the good hearted person that she is assists on taking the lady to where she needs to be.Ruth not wanting to be a burden takes Dell's offer and the two of them walk to a bench on the curb.On the way there the two of them got quite aquainted.Dell enjoys the company of others, others just fail to notice that in her, and her all togethr.But not Ruth ,she enjoys the kindness and inocents that Dell has as a genuine quality.As the two of them reach there destination Ruth replies" thanks for bringing me here," I will be alright now. I have some people waiting on me. I will just sit here on this bench for now. Dell says ok its nice to meet you and if you need any thing just give me a call, enjoying the companionship of Ruth as well. Dell says her good byes and begins to walk back to the directions of her  home,as she walks to home she  notices a shiney object in her hand,its the bracelett Ruth was wearing. Dell said oh no it must have come off when i helped her at the trail. Dell rushes back aroun the corner and there is no Ruth. Feeling awful that she has a valuable possesion in her hand that doesnt belong to her, Dell cant help but to try the bracelett on. It looks expensive Dell thinks to her self. As she is walking and admiring the bracelett she runs into this hot,sexy tall guy with piercing brown eyes. Dell is a heterosexual female she cant help but to look at him.But as fate falls in Dells favor the guy looks at her and says hello. Dell feeling like she is in a dream she stuttors a hello in a shy voice.And the guy smiled at her and walked away. Dell running home with much excitement, busting into her empty house and rushing to her bedroom to flop on the orange bed to gush with glee.I never had a guy smile at me and never the less say hello.But if Dell only Knew her luck was beginning to change for the best on that day forward.

Fabian and Fallow

Fabian and Fallow is a scifi romance of two teenagers who come from diffrent planets,(well I should say moons).One of them is from the darkside with no sunlight, and the other with to much sun.They meet in a forbidden desert that is governed by their nations.This will be up in 2007

October Special

Well to all of my fans I wanted to bring you something special this fall .Comming in October I will post a tribute story to all of my :Gothic,Wolf/Lycan,Therian,NightDog,Vampire,Witch and all other fans(woosh).I hope you enjoy the darklove in this section, because its here especially for you. It will all kick off on October 1st 2007. Did you know that some of the writings here will be linked on the exclusive page.


Love Novels From Fans&Members

Welcome fans and members to the section that is made for you and by you.These writings are from people who send in emails to the website.


A wolfs seek for lust

written by will be here in 2weeks.

Ladynthepack has been a member of this site for 1yr now. she has awsome work and she is one of the members who submitted her work for sharing on the site so enjoy.

A wolfs seek for lust