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Love&Passion and Everthing that goes with it

LoveDarkPassion will continually add to this section monthly. These posts can be intense ,viewer discretion advised.


Loving you is so great loving you releases the hate. I love you and i cant stop when i hear from yoou i just cant stop. loving you is easy to do loving you so indept i dont want you to go away. Time has been long and cruel ,but today I herd from you .I am flutterd with joy and love and I am so glad you are almost home. Love me tease me,hug me like you do. Oh my dear CLove I am waiting hear for you.

Meet The Characters

The Argottis Family ~  Gabriella(daughter) of Frank Argottis and Anitta Holeman, Heillo(brother to Gabriella) Aviahanah(baby of the family).The Argottis are one of the wealthiest families in Mountain Point.There worth over 800million and counting. Betty(grandmother)Pappa Juan(grandpa) and holder of 90%of the estate.

The Gautier Family~Oil investment millionairs they own 89% of the propertys in Mountain Point.



This is the section for Love&passion its under construction temporarily,I will have it back up for you guys as soon as possible Im writing new scenes to it and yes there red hot just liek before so hold on it is comming back i dont need 500 emails a day--literlay.

Exclusive Bad Bad Boy

Bad Bad Boy you have made me cry tears of sorrw and now my heart cries. Why the teasing and playing games this rollercoaster ride is really lame. I have a heart filled with dagger and tears, and now you have awakend all of my fears. I hate you bad boy before i met you i had joy. I was filled with love and innocense to give, now my mind and actions are on a rage to kill. I never thought that I could be this cruel, but at that time I had never met you. I dont know why I am this nastey but I do know that the feelings are lasting. I want you to know what i feel so the secret attack I will not kill. I am up and about and I have no doubt that this day of armagedon is on its way. Domnio and domnio go boom boom and when i slay my arrow your heart will go boom boom. Let the explosions errupt it would not happen if you wernt so currupt. Bad Bad Boy you broke my heart I am not a fuckin toy. List by list action by action you fucked with the wrong girl in this fatal attraction.Love ,darkness and passion is my name and I am the leader in this game. If you dare stick around I will pull the rules from your royal just crown. Tit for tat oh bad boy dont you cry this is only the beginning and you will see why. Lesson  to learn in the LDP Game dont fuck with me to boost your fame. I am the one with mellon callie feeling and abitious dreams my profile is not what it seems. Love and fun is what I do , but when I love you I really do. The darkness that hides inside can always come out and you will know what I am about, mypassion is a drive it roars like fire and thunder inside. So you see my poker face so its true. But Bad Bad Boy I am so after you!

Revealing Post

What Did I Do   8/27/09

I have always been one to follow my dreams and passions. And Now I can just kill my self because I have let myself down. All of my dreams and goals were fucked up by this one momment in time. I cant believe that I allowed some one minute white deamon to make a decision for me. What did I do, well I will tell you what I did. I did what my heart told me to do.  It was the complete opposite. I was blessed and I didnt allow the devil to take my dream away. I stood up for what I wanted. I am noot ashamed and I am not angry about my choice. I am here and the ? is here. So a new adjustment to my plans. I still have the will to accomplish my goal list. Who wants to challenge my choice ,who wants to hear my voice,who will back me up in my choice? I dont know ,but I will be just fine on my own .

 Passion is deep and real when two people are in love with each other.Passion can be an explosion of emotions along with a stinger and a cut. Love can pour from the soul or infect the heart. Those who play with the passion tend to get burn as the blood and virus turn the heart to stone.


Lust can be a sexy fun thing and Lust can be a dangerous thing. Lust ,Lust oh we must and then wee feel the 9th month pain and then its just all the fuss. Lust we share and lust we trust.

Category: Life
Life throws all these curve balls at you. You think one way but you end up going in a toial new light. I never thought that this would happen to me, but I am enbraceing it all in. Im nervous but I know I can pull it off. Its just some months and days. I know it will turn in to years. I am afraid but not by much. I have to eat a whole piece of humble pie. Thats okay Im a big girl and I will make it threw. The light is bright and so is my future. I am changing and so is my life. But there is always a plan in my path. Embracing the light and the stars. I am just a simple girl getting a dose of it all. Well look out cause here I come.


Seeing is believing some say. I believe in the truth,but sometimes the truth can kill. If you are not afraid of the truth than see it, touch it, taste it. The truth does have time, but the truth has an expiration date. So what if the truth is late, the eyes can tell the truth. Our eyes are the gate way to our soul. But those of us who have a blank stare, guide us to a place we dont dare to.

Slings and arrows can hit my wall

I use to be a nice girl but now i am a mean girl. I am learning to stand up for my self as I fly away. I am duplicating into a whole new soul. Me and minnie me are on a roll. I am strong and afraid for my life. I get beat and knocked down by bitches in the street. I am strong and kind and scratch for wisdom my heart carries faith and great love.I am happy and I am blessed, I know that the lord has a calling for me. I am a new weoman I have a new soul, its wise new and old. I am my own person I can travel alone it wont be the first time I make a homw away from home. i am on my two feet standing tall I will not tear down my wall. I am slick and cold to the touch I  just want you all to know i love you so much.