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LOVEDARKPASSION Exclusive Writings

My exclusive writings will be posted here first and always, But there will be times when my clubs and blog groups will get to glance at them first. Thats a treat from me to my loyal fans and friends. So remember to join my mailing list. I will be working on getting some of my exclusive work published and turning some into movies,plays,and sitcoms. I will post a link on my page to where you can get UN CENSORED WRITINGS FROM ME.  Dont miss out on all the fun.These writings are exclusive and you cant find them at any bookstore, trust me. And I will put ratings and warnings on the writings.  For all of my adult writings you my join my group. In this section you will also get work from other special writers as well.


Niah and Zsane

Wicked Zodiac


THE CRITO  and Much more to come.


                                                                                  LOVEDARKPASSION  Exclusive



Darklove exclusive writings will be posted here and some on the DARKLOVE buddy blog. Join the group discussions on my topics and postings. Feel Fee to leave a shout on the comments page. Other Darklove writings will be in the Dark Section on menue page.

NIAH & ZSANE Buy it on EBAY this Winter

Thanks for all the support on this story. It only seems like yesterday when I wrote it. This story was my break out point, I wouldnt have this site if it were not for it. It will be sold on ebay this winter. The only way to get it is to buy it. And to clear up the rumors yes there was 2-3 versions of the story posted on my site. Only my Writing click groups got the beginning stories. In November I will post my thoughts about it and I will answer all of your questions that you have emailed me. I will be on the official LoveDarkpassion forum to take questions.


I Am Here To Tell About It

This story is so important to me. Its a short story of what happend to me when I was 17yrs old. I am writing this for all of the victims of some sort of sexual violence.I hope after reading this you will be inspired to help children of abuse and help educate others about abuse. Here are some links to volunteer websites.  and here is another

What I have Hidden

This weekend was mothers day Sunday, and I cant get over my secret that I have kept hidden for so long.

Want to know the rest of the What I have Hidden  come back October 1st,2007 at 12 am midnight. Also check the the Lovedarkpassion blog on blogger and the 360 page,Writing click and the Tag World blog. The secret will be out at midnight.


Don’t Interrupt My Suicide      July 1, 2007
        (Thoughts rushing out of my heart and flowing on to an edge of a blade, I feel like the edge of a razor blade.)-LOVEDARKPASSION

I have always had feelings on how I want my ending to be. When I say my ending I mean my death. I have thought about death since I was about 4. My dog Bullet died. I didn’t understand why he died or what caused it. Then I realized he wasn’t coming back. He didn’t come back because my family put him to sleep. I woke up from a dream remembering this about my dog when I was 7. I guess when you have tons of people around you dieing you get flash backs to those little things. My father died when I was almost 7, his death triggered the memory of Bullet.
The sad thing about this is Bullet was my dog; he became ill with a worm, that’s why my mom put him to sleep. She didn’t want him to suffer, neither does or did I. I miss Bullet now and I really missed him then. My father on the other hand I never missed. I felt more sad for my dog then my own father. My father I never knew. I remember my mother making me go to the funeral. I didn’t want to attend because I didn’t know him and half of the other people there. But I didn’t get a say so .I was only 7. My dad’s funeral was packed; they didn’t have a seat for me or my mother. I remember the funeral director pulling up a cold metal chair so I could sit up front, up front where the dead body was. It rained like cats and dogs that whole week, my father couldn’t be buried that day. They waited for the next day to do it, I didn’t go at all. To this day I don’t know where my father is buried and you want to know something I don’t give a damn to know. He was never around when I was younger, just my dog Bullet. You know they always say a dog is a mans best friend, but they are wrong the dog was my best friend. And I am definitely not a man.
I often wondered if my dad would have been around more if I was boy or a horse. You know the old cliché about men and there sons. So I cant help to think. He loved horses so if I was a horse would he have stuck around? Or would he still have abandoned me. My mom put Bullet to peace because he was ill, my heart is ill I want to rest. My heart is filled with raging steam against my dad. It hurts its just like having worms. Again Bullet was hurting, he is dead. I often want to be euthanized like him. Maybe when the time is right I will execute my ending on my own terms.
 I want my ending to be really peaceful. This is why I am getting the steam out of my heart. I don’t love my dad like a daughter should, why? I don’t know him how can you love something you don’t know. I love God; I haven’t seen God in a physical since, but in a spiritual since. I love my mom because the bible says so. I like my dad because God would want me to. Love him I cant, I just like.

(Don’t interrupt my suicide)-Pre thoughts
Come back to hear the rest of my dark hidden thoughts. Exclusive Writings


Love DarkPassion

LOVEDARKPASSION  exclusive  comming this New year.2008

 I have been writing stories ,lots of them. I even have an ADULT Book Comming Out that you can buy .   I will get some originals back up and I will post some in my groups. So join my social click to get writings you could never find at any book store.





Writer Of The Month

The writing Click Writer of The Month is WhiteOut

The Crito



The Crito



Keep these short stories on your watch list for the summer and for the rest of the year.

Crash and Burn

The Crito

Hidden Secret

I just want to dance



Raw Meat-A Therian Girl Blog

A Therian Girl Blog

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 10:23:12 AM

When I was a young girl I always ate meat. I couldnt help it I had to have it. My mom would try to stop me when she caught me but I couldnt help it it tasted so damn good. The way it felt it my mouth. It took a way a craving that my mom and others could not understand. Even to this day people cant understand why I go crazy over my meat. Its something with in me. I still can see the expression on mt=y mothers face when I would stsnd there in the kichen eating my favorite bacon. She would sream at my taboo cravings. I was only 3 1/2 but I can rember it like it was yesterday. It was the frsh sensation it gave my desire. When I became older it went away, but at times I could feel it peering back. Now its really comming back and I want more of it and a certain kind.If my mother knew that in the middle of the night I was eating my steak and my dirt she would flip and she wouldnt under stand it. By the way did I ever mention to you that my meat obssesion is based on PURE RAW MEAT. So pure so raw that I have the urge to hunt it and skin it from the insides and eat it. Be aware of the WERE!.



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